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  • Montana is a Czech climbing magazine that has been issued for longest period. It is printed six times in a year, a new copy comes at the beginning of every even month.
  • The magazine is aimed towards a wide spectrum of readers embraced by a common interest of spending their leisure time actively, especially climbers. From the socio-demographic aspect, all education and income groups are present among Montana buyers. Young readers slightly prevail.
  • On eighty, full-colored pages, the reader is acquainted with actual information from mountains, rocks and nature, both in domestic and worldwide scope. The magazine serves as an important source of information about gear, equipment and as an instruction manual for spending free time. Thanks to its history and contents consistency (focus on climbing), Montana is one of the certainties among Czech outdoor magazines; this is underlined by a high number of permanent subscribers (about one third of the edition).
  • Edition of one issue is around 8.000 copies.
  • Any detailed information: stolarik@montana.cz, tel.: 00420 773 002 299

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